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Breathe New Life Into Old Crap - Upcycle!

So here's a scenario. You and your friends are out at the local skatepark. In an attempt to either a. make your friends giggle or b. show off your rad skills, you give a 360 hardflip a try, totally landing on your ass and in the process your board breaks in half. 

You could cry - but why? Instead, come up with a creative way to UPCYCLE that broken board. In case you don't know, upcycling is to reuse an object or materials to create a product of higher value or quality than the original object or materials (dictionary definition!). But upcycling doesn't just apply to broken boards. Check out these awesome objects that other creative types have fashioned out of old wetsuits, board resin, skateboard wheels and boards. You won't believe it. 

So next time - don't throw it away! Make something incredible!


1. Surfboard Resin Bangle - Resin Nation Hawaii 

2. Skateboard Bench - Deckstool

3. Wetsuit Laptop Sleeves - Looptworks

4. Skateboard Necklace - SevenPly 

5. Skateboard Art - Haroshi

6. Wetsuit Dogtag - Bridget Turner 

7. Skateboard Camera (Actually works!) - Second Shot 

8. Skateback iphone Case - Grove

9. Wetsuit Toiletry Kit - Looptworks

10. Skateboard Bangles - Gaaf! Hergebruik 

11. Skateboard Yo-Yo - Boardgames

12. Wetsuit Stool - Kroepie

13. Skateboards Turned Into Surfboards! - RETO - Recyling for Tomorrow

14. Surfboard Resin Pendant - Betty Belts

15. Skateboard Belt - Beck(y) Sk8Bags

16. Skateboard Kids Picnic Table - Indie Pop Shop

17. Skateboard Sunglasses - Eqo Optics

18. Skateboard Ring - 2ReVert

19. Skateboard Clutch - Beck(y) Sk8Bags