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Happy National Flip-Flop Day! Check These Out...

Whether you call them thongs, flip-flops, slaps, or just plain sandals, flip-flops are every girls go-to summer shoe. Especially TODAY! Since it's National Flip-Flop Day! Why do we love them so much? Why don't we? They're versatile enough to go from the beach to the mall and out at night and really,  what other shoe can say that? And let's face it - they're pretty darn cheap (compared to most other shoes). But even flip-flops come in a wide range of prices and styles. What's your style? Is it "I pick 'em up wherever - mostly Old Navy and Target" or maybe you're a "Its Havaianas or Nothing!" kinda gal. 

Flip-flops aren't just a versatile fashion statement for the beach - many brides and bridesmaids are choosing "wedding" flip-flops that come adorned with beads, rhinestones and pearls from brands like Havianas to wear Havaianas Bridal Meshto their beach I Do's. And check out Bloomingdales' newest promotion where you can design your own Havianas right from the store's window display! 

So in honor of this important national holiday (LOL), we searched for some of our favorite brands and styles. 

Of course most girls who surf swear by Havaianas. They're not only really cute, but they work really well with water! They don't do that weird suction-to-your-feet thing that other flip-flops do when they get wet due to the textured base. And they last a L-O-N-G time. Havaianass hail from Brazil, where the average Brazilian owns 25 pairs! (Amazing fact, right?)  Like anything else, you get what you pay for, so if you're buying $2.50 flip-flops expect them to blow out in like 3 weeks or less! 

Besides Havaianas, the Ipanema brand seems to be building a lot of fans. You can also find cool flip-flops from Roxy, Billabong, Ocean Minded, Artsmith, and Reef and so many more!

Here are some of our favorite flip-flops for the beach and beyond! Oh...and happy National Flip-Flop Day everyone! 

Billabong Heart N Sol Flip-Flops

Roxy EstherBillabong Tan LineOcean Minded MelianiHavaianas Classic MettalicHavaianas EthicHavaianas TrendRoxy Conga 

Havaianas Carmine Red

Artsmith Snow Couple

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